Hormone Therapy for Pain Medication Side Effects

Conquer Chronic Pain Side Effects with Hormone Optimization


Chronic pain, and the options to treat it, often have negative effects on your body’s natural hormone levels.​

Suffering from chronic pain alters your body’s hormone levels itself – often by raising your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. And the opioids frequently prescribed to alleviate this pain? They can throw your hormone balance off further, increasing your negative side effects. ​

But there’s hope – and a solution. At the North Texas Center for Pain Management, Dr. Gajraj offers bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) to replace and rebalance your hormones. This therapy is customized to your unique hormonal needs, and can offer relief from symptoms including weight gain, sleep issues, and low libido.

​Dr. Gajraj believes that pain shouldn’t take over your life, and your side effects from your treatments shouldn’t either. Relief is possible – get the help you deserve today.

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